2024 March 8th FLP Sharing Session

On Mar. 8 2024, our FLP alumni hosted a sharing session at Fu Jen Catholic University.

So glad to see you all on Friday night! We hope that our stories inspired all of you.

We sincerely encourage you to think about: What do you expect to get out of the program? As a future leader, how will you impact society? Regardless of your background or abilities, as long as you are willing to actively participate, FLP is here to unleash your unlimited potential.

Every great hero needs to have a backbone; therefore, the ECLAT Foundation is here to support you. Quoted by Auntie Jane, one of the foundation board members, “Don’t worry about if you don’t have the money or you can’t be qualified because you never know who’s gonna help you”. We encourage every dreamer to embark on the journey and explore yourself.

Last but not least…let’s give a round of applause to the supported speakers! TO…

Ray and Chloe: mastering English presentation even under such urgent event arrangements.

Petra: traveling from Changhua to Taipei boosts the participants’ morale

Willie: wasn’t in a suit but still maintained his outstanding performance as always!

Elena: The photography expert who captured event height and speakers’ insights!

David Chi: squeezing his break time to set up the session even with a hectic schedule!