2023 ECLAT Fundraising Dinner
Join us for our annual fundraising dinner at the UT Dallas Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center
$500 Donation Per Person
November 11th 2023
Reception: 5:30 PM
Dinner: 6:30PM
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ECLAT Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Dallas created to provide opportunities, life-enriching experiences, and when necessary financial aid to deserving students in need for the express purpose of advancing and/or enhancing their education.

  • 2008

    Our Humble Beginnings

    ECLATs origins roots back to the initial efforts and funding provided by Mrs. Jane Jan and her husband, Dr. Yih-Min Jan with the pursuit of helping deserving underprivileged students in remote areas of China and Taiwan to advance their education.

  • 2011

    ECLAT is Founded

    ECLAT was founded in 2011 by a group of Chinese-Americans in Dallas, Texas to continue the mission started by Mrs. Jan and Dr. Jan to use Education to change Lives and Times by providing opportunities, life-enhancing experiences, and financial aid to students needs it most.

  • Since 2012

    Hope Class Program

    ECLAT cooporates with GeSangHua to provide tuition, boarding expenses, and hosted English classes for over 100 impoverished high school students in Qinghai. This program has since evolved into summer camps that provide the students with inspirational trips to XiAn, Beijing, Taiwan.

  • Since 2012

    Scholarship Programs

    Since 2012, ECLAT works YouCare of Taiwn to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged high school students in Taiwan. Since 2014, ECLAT has been collaborating with CFT in awarding scholarships to university students in Texas.

  • Since 2018

    Study Abroad Program in Texas

    ECLAT teamed up with The University of Texas at Dallas in 2018 to provide a study abroad program in the state of Texas for underprivileged outstanding students in Taiwan and China.

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ECLAT Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to help deserving students advance their education. Our mission is to provide opportunities, life-enhancing experiences, and financial aid to students in need. ECLAT stands for Education Changes Lives and Times (教育改變命運及時代). It is our desire to help needy students achieve their potential through education, in the U.S., China, Taiwan, and elsewhere.

Cinque Terre


Assisting needy high school students in the remote western regions of China to help them continue their studies and improve their living conditions.

Cinque Terre

Future Leader's Program (FLP)

Hosting a cross-cultural exchange program will increase their English language abilities, learn about US Culture, history, and government.

Cinque Terre

Summer Camp

Hosting Summer Camp yearly for the students from the remote area of Qinghai province to visit large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and XiAn.

Cinque Terre


Prodiving financial assistance to needy rural junior high and high school students to pay for Education.


ECLAT offers multiple scholarships to deserving students, check out our current scholarship offerings below

CFT + ECLAT Foundation Scholarship

The ECLAT Foundation Scholarship provides one-year $2,000 scholarships to graduating seniors or college students that plan to or attend an accredited college or university in the State of Texas.

ECLAT Gallop Graduate Scholarship

The ECLAT Foundation Scholarship provides scholarships to incoming Graduate Students.

2024 ECLAT/UTD Future Leaders Program Scholarship

The ECLAT/UTD College Student “Future Leaders Program”Scholarship provides scholarships to applicable FLP participants.

UTD + ECLAT Endowment Graduate Fellowship

The ECLAT Foundation Endowment Fellowship Scholarship provides one-time $1,000 scholarships to applicants who have completed all or part of their preparatory education in China or Taiwan for the purpose of advancing and/or enhancing their graduate education at UT Dallas Jindal School of Management.

Recent News

Read up on our recent news and events.


On Aug. 6, we had an After Party that celebrates the end of the 2022 Future Leaders Program after 3 weeks of intensive lectures and activities.


Eclat Jr kicks off their first group event with a scrumptious cooking session!


Checkout the $1 Million Endowment Ceremony to students at the University of Texas at Dallas

Our Team

ECLAT Foundation originated from projects initially funded by Mrs. Jane Jan and her husband, Mr. Yih- Min Jan, who have been working with Gesangua West Study-Assistance Association (格桑花西部助学,www.gesanghua.org) on various programs in Chinghai, a remote western province of China. ECLAT Foundation will continue with the programs that Mr. and Mrs. Jan have started plus many more, including the Big Hand Holding Little Hand program with Taiwan's Youthcare Foundation (普仁文教基金會, www.you-care.org.tw).

Board Members

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William Tsao


Jean Chang


Michelle Chang


Christine Chen


Anna Chu


Eugenia Henry


Jerry Hsu

Chief Executive, Global Support Group

Linda Hsu


Jane Jan


Yih Min Jan


Eric Ko


Ful Chu Li


Kathy Lin


Chin Po


Jacky Yang


Sam Yang


Meijuan (M.J.) Wang


Junior Members

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Jessica Chu

Junior Member


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Martin Lam

Junior Member

Andre Liu

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Young Po

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Leon Sun

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Jiayang Wang

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Ivy Wu

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Chelsea Zhou

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ECLAT thanks our all partners that provides the vital help needed to make our programs possible .

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