ECLAT Foundation is a non-profit organization created to provide opportunities, life-enriching experiences, and when necessary financial aid to deserving students in need for the express purpose of advancing and/or enhancing their education.  ECLAT stands for "Education Changes Lives and Times."  It is our desire to help needy students achieve their potential through education, in the U.S., China, Taiwan, and elsewhere. Please download our  pledge form. We have prepared a slide presentation that summarizes our 2012 and 2013 activities.

An on-going ECLAT project is working with Gesanghua West Study-Assistance Association (格桑花西部助学)www.gesanghua.org to assist needy school children in the remote western regions of China so that they may continue their studies and improve their living conditions.  Without assistance, many of these students would not be able to complete their studies. For more information, please see this Gesanghua slide presentation.

We are also excited about a new project we are working on with Taiwan's Youthcare Foundation (普仁文教基金會, www.you-care.org.tw) that is called "Big Hand Holding Little Hand" ("大手拉小手"). This program provides financial assistance to needy junior high and high school students to pay for tuition and other fees related to their education. For more information, please see this Youthcare slide presentation.

We are currently in the process of kicking start a scholarship program administered by Community Foundations of Texas for North Texas students. Details will be forthcoming.

 In May and June 2013 ECLAT board members and donors visited students in Qinghai and Eastern Taiwan sponsored by ECLAT scholarship programs. Here is a travel slide presentation of their trip.

More information about our current projects can be found on the Projects page.

In June 2012, we held our very first  fundraising dinner that featured delicious food and wines planned by famous Chef Richard Chen. In December 2013, Chef Chen again helped us raise funds for our scholarship programs. Here is a slide presentation of highlights from the 2013 Dinner. We appreciate our donors' generous donations and their very enthusiastic support of ECLAT's education projects. Many thanks also to Steve and Shirley Chen for generously hosting both of our memorable events.